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I've done a fair bit of writing for the popular press and have appeared on a number of radio and television shows. A number of my newspaper articles can be found here but unfortunately I've lost track of many of them. I also have some longer essays of a popular nature that have appeared on Econlib or in the Freeman.
I really enjoy doing television and radio shows, especially debates. Recently I've become a regular guest on Judge Napolitano's “Freedom Fighters” panel discussion on Fox Business. We usually get the topics a few hours before the show and then just have at it. In the past I've been on Lou Dobb's show on CNN. He called me an idiot and a jack ass, which I take as a compliment coming from such an economic ignoramus. One of my favorite TV appearances was the opportunity to be on Penn & Teller's Showtime Series “Bullshit” to defend sweatshops. They liked me better than Dobbs. You can find some of these national TV clips here. Unfortunately I've lost most of local TV clips and never got most of the radio recordings.
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Freedom Watch, March 1, 2011
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